15 years ago, Kelli Jaco walked into a yoga studio and found the physical and mental space she had been craving. Years of competitive sport had done a number to her muscles and yoga allowed her to unwind and regroup. After several years of trying different styles, she fell in love with Power Yoga. It was intense and fluid, breathy and heart pounding.

In 2011, Kelli opened Sarasota's first Power Yoga studio, SOUL, and for almost 8 years she developed a solid yoga following. Now, years later, with the help of her husband and an amazing staff of teachers, she will open 5712 | BODY. Her studio attracts all walks of life because her vision is to give yoga to everyone. We all have a body. Everybody can benefit from yoga. 

5712 | BODY will encompass what Kelli stands for. A balanced, healthy and active lifestyle, The studio will provide a range of styles. We look forward to meeting you on the mat.